China Lake insignia Photo Gallery. Last updated 23 January, 2012
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EOD Det. China Lake
Branch Medical Clinic China Lake Skydivers Explosive Ordnance Disposal Guided Missile Unit 25
Guided Missile Unit 61 H-1 Weapons System Support MAD China Lake 1988-1993 MAD Pt. Mugu before 1993
MAD China Lake 1993 MAD China Lake/Pt Mugu 1995 MAD China Lake/Pt Mugu 2000 MAD China Lake/Pt Mugu 2008
NAF China Lake NAF Redbirds
NAF China Lake NAF Redbirds NAF Hotline Outlaws NOTS Division 13
NALF San Clemente NALF San Clemente
NOTS Division 13 NALF San Clemente NALF San Clemente Pacific Missile Range
Pt. Mugu 50th 1946-1996 Naval Base Ventura County Naval Base Ventura County OLF San Nicolas Island
NAWC Weapons Division Fleet Readiness
NAWC AWW-9B - AWW-12A Naval Air Warfare Center Naval Air Warfare Center NAWC China Control
NAWC SNORT SNORT 50th NAWC RAM project Office NAWC Weapons Prototype Div.
NAWCWD Aircraft Gun Systems Naval Air Weapons Station NOTS Inyokern NOTS China Lake
Naval Weapons Center Naval Weapons Center NWC AIMD NWC Aircraft Department
Air Surveillance Center NWC
NWC Air Surveillance Center NWC AV-8B Weapon System NWC MIPI NWC Safety Office
NWC Special Projects NWC Standard Missile NWC Trident Motor Test Stand NWC USNR Support Unit 0176
Airtevron Five
NWC Weapons Tactics NWC WSSA Code 3107 NWS China Lake VX-5 Airtevron 5
NWEF Support Team  Weapons Loading Team   VX-9 Vampires VX-9 Vampires 
VX-9 China Lake - Pt Mugu VX-9 Point Mugu Fighter Test VX-9 DET Pt. Mugu VX-9 Fighter Test
 VX-9 USMC H-1 upgrades VX-30 Bloodhounds  VX-30 Bloodhounds  VX-31 Dust Devils 
   Dust Devils Weapons Test Squadron  Dust Devils Weapons Test Squadron  
 VX-31 Dust Devils  Dust Devils  Dust Devils VX-31 Dust Devils 
 VX-31 H-1 Test Team  ICAP III LOGIR  Plume Measurement Facility 
     50 years excellance  
 Storm Shadow 2002  Tactical Dissemination Module  50 Years of Excellence  Pan Am World Services
 F/A-18 Air-to-Air Team    Marine Aviation Detachment
China Lake/Pt. Mugu
Marine Aviation Detachment
China Lake/Pt. Mugu 
NWC China Lake Corona 1968 NWC China Lake Corona 1968 NOTS China Lake, 7 June 1963 JFK Presidential visit commemorative coin. Note /1 NOTS China Lake, 7 June 1963 JFK Presidential visit commemorative coin. Note /1
/1 This design is the creation of Lynn Nowels, head of the Presentation Art and Design Section of the Graphic Arts branch at the Naval Station.20TH Year. Profile of the President facing left was engraved from a three dimensional plaster model sculptured by Charles Nardone, head of the Graphic Arts Branch, Technical Information Department of the Naval Station. He created the model from an original drawing developed from many photographs. On the back the American Eagle spreads its wings to protect the dove of peace, symbolizing the role played by NOTS, the Bureau of Naval Weapons and the entire Navy. On the left side is a symbol of advanced computing machines used by the station's mathematicians, scientists and engineers. Below and to the right is a sunburst depicting the work done by Dr. Michelson in the field of measured light. Legend in outer circle reads: THE PRESIDENTIAL VISIT (anchor) U.S. NAVAL ORDNANCE TEST STATION (anchor) CHINA LAKE, CALIF./JUNE 1963, below emblem.